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class Client

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    • web2grid.core
      • web2grid.core.control
        • web2grid.core.control.Client

Class overview

Client is a skeleton class for an actual Web Computing client application. Once it's started it operates a WorkSourcePool while continiously checking for changes that require saving to persistent storage.

Public functions

new (savepath : String)

savepath The name of the key in the LocalStorage.

Constructor. The client automatically saves the objects when required storing them in the LocalStorage under the key given in savepath.

start (ms : Int)

ms The period of the scheduling in milliseconds.

Starts the Client. The Client will operate its Operable members with a period given in the parameter. For practical purposes it shouldn't be smaller than 100 ms.

terminate ()

Terminates the Client. It terminates the WorkSourcePool and stops further operation of the Operable members.

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