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class BasicWorkSource implements WorkSource

  • web2grid
    • web2grid.core

Class overview

A BasicWorkSource is a basis class implementing the WorkUnit interface. It operates a WorkUnitPool according to the interface functions.

Public functions

new ()

getWorkUnits () : Array<WorkUnit>

Returns all WorkUnits contained within the worksource as an array.

start ()

The worksource enters the running state which means that operate calls will be passed on to the WorkUnitPool.

getNumActive () : Int

Returns the number of active WorkUnits.

startOne () : Int

Starts a single WorkUnit.

terminateOne () : Int

Terminates a single WorkUnit. The WorkUnitPool is such that the WorkUnit started the latest will be terminated. The next time the startOne function is called this terminated WorkUnit will be started next.

Implemented interface functions

operate () from Operable

isChanged () : Bool from Persistent

hxSerialize (s : haxe.Serializer) from Persistent

unSerialize (s : haxe.Unserializer) from Persistent

isCompleted () : Bool from AsyncResult

isError () from AsyncResult

getError () : String from AsyncResult

getProgress () : Float from AsyncResult

getResult () : T from AsyncResult

getElapsedTime () : Date from AsyncResult

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