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In order to communicate with the framework the actual distributed application needs to use the JavaScript functions of the workunit interface contained in the file worker.js. These functions are

  • — Reads the input corresponding to the given name
  • — Reports the percentage of progress to the framework
  • — Saves checkpoint data to the persistent storage
  • ) — Retrieves the last checkpoint from the persistent storage
  • — Sends a debug message to the framework.
  • js.output.write(name, string) — Writes the given data to the selected output stream
  • js.output.writeLine(name, string) — Writes the given data with newline to the selected output stream
  • js.evalJson(object) — Evaluates a JSON string and returns the corresponding object
  • js.toJson(object) — Creates a JSON string from a given object

To be implemented

  • js.canvas.clear
  • js.canvas.beginPath
  • js.canvas.moveTo
  • js.canvas.lineTo
  • js.canvas.arc
  • js.canvas.stroke
  • js.canvas.fill
  • js.canvas.fillRect
  • js.canvas.fillText
  • js.canvas.setFillStyle
  • js.canvas.setLineWidth
  • js.canvas.setFont
  • js.canvas.draw
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