NaCl framework release and Seti@Home example

We have released our Native Client framework, a modified BOINC framework that enables the compilation of C/C++ BOINC applications into Native Client executables that communicate with the GridBee framework. You can download it from GitHub.

We also created a tutorial about porting BOINC applications to Native Client.

As an example we have compiled Seti@Home into Native Client. You can find the relevant files and compile instructions on our Wiki.

NaCl support and browser extension

The GridBee framework has been enabled to execute Native Client workunits on Google’s Chrome browser. We have also created a Chrome extension providing a GridBee client with a graphical user interface. The extension can run and execute workunits while you are surfing the Internet. For more details click here.

Currently we are working on tools easing the transition between C++ BOINC projects and Native Client executables.